CES 2007

The joy of CES is upon us, along with a deluge of new product announcements.

A few ones that I like are:

The Novint Falcon : Although it really looks kinda prototype-ish, I think there’s a future for these kinds of input devices. This is Force Feedback as it should be and could be a nice tool for game-developers. It’s something that really brings a sense of realism or immersion to a game. It’s not as ergonomic as a like it , but I’m confident that will change. That is, assuming it catches on…

The Hp Touchsmart : This is what Vista is all about: ease of use in a shiny package. Great for general purpose use like taking notes, checking your calendar, managing your contacts etc. The touch screen makes the experience very easy for the novice thanks to a beautiful touchscreen. (although it seemed a little slow on the uptake)

The Samsung YP K3 : Why didn’t this come out six months ago? It’s basically identical to the K5 but without the useless speaker. I love the Oled display, and the blue styling. If I needed a slim, flash-based MP3-player I’d pick this above an iPod nano any day…