The Apple iPhone

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the future:

I’ll be honest: I did not expect this. I was expecting a widescreen iPod, iTV (now aptly called Apple TV) and some half baked product like the Motorola ROKR. But not this…

It’s beautiful, it’s slim, it’s simple…It’s convergence at it’s best. It eliminates the need to carry a cellphone, an mp3-player, a PDA, a smartphone and to some extent a laptop all at the same time. Does anyone care about UMPC’s anymore? I want this, I really do. And coming from a hardcore Windows person, who’s never ever owned an Apple product that’s high praise. Maybe I’ve put off using Apple products for too long. Compared to everything else on the market, this blows it all away.

However, I’m not an Apple fanboy so some things come to mind, specifically iPhone’s implementation in Europe. Jobs sales speech may be well and true in America’s telco-dominated world but how will this work out here in Europe? Another thing: only 4 and 8 gigs? I know this may be asking a lot but for me personally that’s far from being enough so I do hope that higher capacity models will eventually come out…

All and all, Apple Computer (oh sorry, it’s Apple Inc. now) has really outdone itself this time…

(note: in case you didn’t notice, Steve’s reality distortion field even got to me)


  1. Tim

    I don’t know of the IPhone is the future, because, first of all: I haven’t seen them, second of all: many people looked forward to the disclosure of the IPhone, people hear “I” and recognize that from the IPod(many people relate only IPod when you say mp3 player, even there are many other and better brands)

    also the IPhone can’t do all what ordinary mp3 players can(big screen, memory card reader(and not only miniSD)), because a phone must be little, and more capacity requires more space

    I think that we must wait and see what the future brings(and that’s not only the IPhone)

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