A love hate thing…

Let’s be clear on something here: I love computer hardware. The act of building a new PC ( installing lighting, soundproofing, low DB dB fans, etc) is just really fun and constructive. The moment I start hating my PC concides with the moment that I install any software on it. Here’s just a list of things that have annoyed me in the past week:

1) Ironically, my first complaint is a hardware one. For the second time in a row, my Northbridge fan is starting to rattle and sputter. I hate those tiny fans, because of the noise, the cheapness, it’s just terrible. I’m telling you, next time I pick a new motherboard (which won’t be that long actually) I don’t care if I have to give up features, I want a passive South and Northbridge. Period.

2) As of yesterday, both Winamp and Windows Media Player refuse to play any .avi files while VLC (an excellent open source alternative) doesn’t have any problems. I blame it on a bungling of codecs and registry errors. It annoys the hell out of me.

3) Probably connected is the refusal of both Windows Media Encoder 9 (the worst video converter ever made) and Creative Media toolbox to convert any video files at all. Great, so I have a very nice Zen Vision:M with video playback capability, but I’m unable to put anything on it because it’s not the right format.

4) Every week or so I get an error message on boot up and shutdown referring to a memory unit that doesn’t even exist. Way to go Windows.

Normally I’d just reinstall Windows, but with the impending release of Vista on January 31st (And my inevitable purchase of it in June) I’m actually holding off on that. I pray that Vista will enable a computer to run for more than a year without the need to reinstall Windows.

In the meantime I guess I’ll just be muddling through…

(EDIT: Alright, problem 2 and 3 are taken care of, courtesy of the K-Lite Codec Pack -big thanks to Tim for pointing that out-)



  1. Tim

    first of all, VLC is a verry good player, I watch movies with that program(for subtitles, codecs,…)

    if you have a codec problem, you can best install K-Lite codec pack, then you can play 99% of the movies


    I have a Zen Vision, the ordinary, not the M, and I hate also the the converting program that Creative provides with the player…wmv isn’t a good format, but you can use an other program to convert video’s to avi, and not to avi