Long live delivery companies!

Not long ago, I ordered the Acoustipack Standard (anyone interested in soundproofing your pc should definitely check it out). My package arrived today but it’s not quite what I expected.

Not only did I get my soundproofing material, but I also received a package that was supposed to be sent to someone in the Czech Republic. He basically ordered the same thing, along with some fans. I did the honest thing and sent an e-mail to Acousti Products (since I had NO contact information for the delivery company) and I’m giving them a small week to effectively respond. After that it’s mine ;). I know how this works and this wouldn’t be the first time that it would be cheaper to just let the wrongly sent package go instead of spending the entire cost of reshipping it. And you know…. I could really use another 3 sheets of soundproofing 🙂 .

(Oh and btw I’ve heard of Apple fanboys but this guy went a little overboard methinks)

One comment

  1. tim

    the apple guy is crazy, but now he has an amazing collection of working apple computers…

    I suppose you’re verry happy with that extra package for free :p