Back in action

I tell you, when you’re knocked out cold for a week, you miss a lot of news in the techworld. I’ve probably spent most of the weekend playing catch up.

To start off of we’ve got our old pal Steve Jobs, with his open letter on DRM. Go Mad Dog! A DRM-free world is in everyone’s best interest. Forget vertically integrated music services, forget having the feeling of not actually owning the media you buy. DRM-free is the way to go. Of course you do have to ask yourself if this isn’t just a pr-stunt by Jobs, especially now since EMI seems to be going along Job’s golden path.

On another note: what the hell seems to be going on at Nvidia these days? Not only did we have 8800GTX samples that had to be taken back because of a hardware issue, then we had the numerous problems with the nForce 680i Bios resulting in corrupted data on S-ATA drives and now we’re faced with an NVidia that isn’t ready for Vista. 8800 SLI is barely up and running, you can forget doing it on a series 7 card (rendering the GX2 essentially useless) and there are a whole range of other problems cropping up everywhere. I don’t believe Nvidia when it says it only had the time and resources to put out a measly beta-driver, when Vista has been out in Beta and release form for months not to mention the fact that ATI has had no issues at all with their cards under Vista. ATI seem to have come all long way since 2001 while Nvidia seems seems to have stumbled at times. (They’re also dropping Vista support for nForce 3, a chipset that is just a few years old.)

On a more personal note I’ve finished R.A. Decandido’s Cycle of Hatred. Having finished it, I found my first assessment of it to be accurate. The second half is even worse than the first, with static dialogues, uninspired plot twists and a completely anticlimactic ending. Seriously, Warcraft III had a better plotline, a rare thing to say about a video game. At least now I can get back to the beautiful Dark Tower series by Stephen King of which I’ve just started part 5.

So that’s about it for this blogpost, here’s hoping I won’t have a relapse as I go back to college tomorrow…