State of the union

Having spent the last two weeks without a decent computer, I’ve come to a few startling conclusions.


1) The amount of books that you can read from start to finish when you have next to nothing to do is amazing. I was easily able to start and complete 3 novels in no time. I believe I could have even doubled that number had really I set my mind to it. Stephen Kings Dark Tower series kept me quite busy and for all those who just can’t wait for Halo 3, Eric Nylund’s Ghosts of Onyx will be just the thing for you

2) Has television gotten even stupider these days ? It’s not like I watch all that much TV to begin with but hey, when you’re without a PC for two weeks, your bound to plunk yourself in front of the screen some time. And man, was it bad. I mean bad. I’m not exactly a casual viewer, I usually pick a few shows and follow them throughout the season ( and even then I usually stop watching and buy the DVD’s instead to skip the ad’s). But when you’re just channel surfing you come across some really bad shows. Even our recent purchase of Telenet Digital TV ( the closest thing to Tivo in these parts 😉 ) didn’t really alleviate that problem.

On a side note, I did buy Tiberium Wars, and have come to the conclusion that I’ll have to rethink some of my criticism stemming from the demo. Not much, just a bit. 🙂



  1. pixiemeat

    Yes, TV has been getting stupider…where have you been? I did however find a Brittish TV show that gave me a chuckle called The IT Crowd. So I guess sometimes plopping in front of the TV every few months has it’s reward 😉