She can’t take much more of this, Captain !

First of all, I apologize. I’ve been a very bad blogger. I’ve not updated in what, two weeks? Shame on me!

Part of is that I’m busy, another that I’m lazy.:) But most of all, nothing has gotten me really fascinated or riled up these past few weeks. Microsoft announces Silverlight? Bleh, it’s just another Flash clone. AMD finally comes out with R600? Meh, it’s mediocre, buggy and power hungry. So nothing really off the charts.

There is one thing however that has been bugging me for a while now and I’m positive that I’m not the only one. The thing that has me banging my head on my desk lately is… bandwidth limitations. worldwidewebaroundwikipedia.png

Now folks in the U.S., I’m guessing, have far more choices when it come to ‘unlimited’ bandwidth. But around these parts and certainly in my neck of the woods the situation is much different. We basically have two large providers (and a smattering of small ones), neither of which are too keen on the idea of unlimited bandwidth. Basic offerings top off at 10 Gigs a month and if you pay a bit more you can get around 30 or even 60 if you wan’t.

Now I get that some people will say: ” How on earth are you going to fill up 10 or even 30 gigs a month?” And while it’s true that for the most basic user, 10 gigs would probably be sufficient, once you start dabling in podcasts, streaming video, etc. you’re gonna run out. Don’t believe me? Let’s check.

This is the stuff that sucks up my bandwidth every month: This Week In Tech, Buzz Out Loud, CNET Car Tech, net@nite, Windows Weekly, The Real Deal, PC Gamer Podcast, PCGamer Video Podcast, Maximum PC Podcast, Game Theory, Gadgettes, Extremetech podcast, Security Bites, MP3 Insider, Macbreak Weekly (believe it or not 🙂 ), Macbreak, East Meets West, DL.TV, Cranky Geeks, Diggnation, The Buzz Report, CNET TV, CNET Live, the Daily Giz Wiz, Crave, etc.

Now factor in stuff from Youtube, Gametrailers, Limewire (yes legally), bittorent (ok that’s less legal…to some extent 🙂 ) and you’re looking at quite a heap of bandwidth. That’s not even counting the endless game demo’s which don’t seem to be getting any smaller, or downloading stuff off of Steam.

So while almost everybody seems to be heralding this as the age of IPTV and high quality downloadable content, keep in mind that we still have a long road ahead. Things like bandwidth limits are just one of the things that will have to be addresed before we make it to the end of that road.


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  1. tim

    haha…Limewire legal???? LoL

    bandwidth limits are only in belgium and a couple of other country’s…