Let me tell you about Joost.


I finally got invited to the Joost beta last week (thx Arnaud 🙂 ) and have been playing around with it. Here’s some impressions.

The interface is probably the best part of Joost right now. It’s easy to use, not too complicated. It does what it’s supposed to do and it does it well.

Video quality is a mixed bag. Some footage looks decent, other looks like crap. The fact that I’m watching this on a PC monitor is probably compounding the mediocre quality. If you were to watch this on a regular SD TV it would probably be a non issue, but for anyone planning to use Joost through a Media center on their huge HDTV’s, be forewarned.

Content is still pretty sparse, but keep in mind: this is still a beta, one that hasn’t been around that long. I expect that a lot of content deals will be struck and with Viacom leading the way, we can expect a lot more stuff on there. Some that jump out right now are Lexx ( the weirdest Sci-Fi show you’ll ever encounter) and Fifth Gear (a car show run by crazy people). There’s also a lot of stuff for sports fans and a truckload of documentaries.

On the whole, Joost is probably the best attempt at IPTV I’ve ever seen. It has a lot of potential, it’s ad-driven model is quite inobtrusive, it’s interface is so easy a demented cow can use it.

So check it out if you’re interested. With every Joost user now having unlimited invites, just google ‘Joost invites’ and you’ll probably find hundreds of people ready to hand you an invite. As for me, I’ll be watching Joost’s development with great interest.

(Edit: Yeah, I’ve changed the theme again, I swear this is the last time.. Honest)