Clash of the titans! …or not?

It’s a great time to be a techie. These last couple of days have been quite exciting.

First of all we have the long anticipitated appearance of both Gates and Jobs at the All Things D conference.


This is probably the first time that the both of them were on the same stage, since Gates appearance at Macworld 1997. Gizmodo has the entire thing up on their site, if you’re interested. For me personally I thought that Walt Mosberg and Kara Swisher were annoying as hell. I’ve rarely seen such crappy moderating. I did love the interplay between Jobs and Gates. I think that they’ve proven that, while they are competitors in some ways, they’re not sworn enemies. Job’s Beatles quote “You and I have memories longer than the road ahead” neatly said it all. Gates agreed saying that it’s nice when someone in the industry “stick’s around”. I think they’re both great guys, each with their own approach. Both of them are the key players in today’s computer and consumer electronics industry and while you can criticise both of them, it’s impossible to imagine the world today without the contributions of either of them.

Not surprisingly, they’re were announcements from both companies.

Microsoft probably provided the most bling by introducing the surface computer, a 10000 $ multifunctional, multi-touch display which, even if it fails, would be the coolest coffee table on the planet.

Apple announced Youtube compatibility for the AppleTV which, while nice in itself, still doesn’t make the AppleTV a viable product in my eyes, at least not until iTunes sells HD content (Podcasts don’t count!). Oh, and for all you early adopters who bought the 40 gig Apple TV and complained about the disc space, you have just been royally screwed as Jobs announced a 160 gig model at the conference. The most important announcement from Apple was probably the launch of the unDRM-ed iTunes plus. One record label down, three to go.

All in all a very interesting couple of days for all you tech lovers out there…

Oh, I almost forgot, Palm announced a laptop, smartphone hybrid thingy that’s just asinine. Just thought I’d mention that. 🙂