A double-edged sword.

An interesting bit of tech-news hit the ‘internets’ today. Sony has dropped the price of it’s second generation BDP-S300 Blu-ray player to 499$, making it a lot more affordable. Once again Sony has seeminly upped the ante in the next-gen format war.


Ordinarily, this would be a good move on Sony’s part with Father’s Day just around the corner. However, it does seem as if Sony is cutting it’s own arteries as this move has the potential of severly undercutting the sale of it’s prizebeast: the PS3.
You see, with the severe lack of exclusive system selling games, the most appealing reason to buy a PS3 was because of it’s label as ‘the world’s cheapest Blu-Ray player’, a label it has now lost.

Coupled with it’s disappointing sales , loads of problems and faced with the rise of the Wii, I’d say the rough times for Sony are far from over…