Busy Busy Busy

So the Stevenote has come and gone. Let’s face it: it was entertaining but uneventful. And since I seem to be too busy to do any serious blogging right now, let me just point you to the Computex booth babe page.


You can thank me later 😉 Enjoy!

EDIT:If you really want to know what I think about Leopard though, read this blog post, it about sums up my thoughts. Short version: This time it’s Leopard’s turn to copy Vista.


  • To this Windows-show veteran, however, the WWDC developer audience seemed positvely effusive. I’ve sat through countless Microsoft demos of Vista at a variety of consumer and business events. I don’t remember ever hearing thunderous applause when Microsoft showed off Flip 3D or Vista’s ability to preview thumbnails of documents. The “wows” were few and far between. Yet when Jobs put almost identical versions of these features in Leopard through their paces, there were lots of oohs and ahhs.
  • But if you’ve seen Vista, there’s no way you could help but compare the feature-complete Leopard beta Jobs showcased with Windows Vista. And — surprise — Vista looked pretty darn up-to-date in comparison.

Damn straight!