Oh ye of little faith!

For Pete’s sake Sony, can’t you do anything right?. For those of you who haven’t been following the news lately, the Church of England has recently taken legal action against Sony for having a reasonably accurate portrayal of Manchester cathedral in the PS3 launch-game Resistance: Fall Of Man.

Any reasonable individual would naturally see this as complete stupidity. First of all: why now ? The game has been out for over 6 months already. Did the Church of England just now notice this ? And to expand on that: why now ? Video-games have had depictions of churches and religious symbols for ages.

Even beyond this , the Church of England seems to lack any real legal leg to stand on as according to UK law, copyright claims on building can only last for 70 years after the architects death. Even with Tony Blair apparently backing these religious litigators, Sony is 100% in the right.

But no, instead of taking a stand and for once not bow down to the pressure of religion, Sony has now apologised to The Church of England and are jointly seeking a ‘solution’ to the problem.

This just opens up to a much larger problem in modern society. The problem of religion. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against faith or spirituality. If you believe in something, I respect that, as should everyone else (unless your beliefs are harmful to others). What I hate however, is the cloud of crap that surrounds peoples beliefs. That crap is religion. A hopeless mess of rules and regulations that are so dogmatic and so out of touch with reality and modern society that stuff like the above can happen. Religion is the worst of mankinds inventions. It’s been used time and time again as the justification for some of the worst wars and some of the worst atrocities in world history. Mankind would be lightyears ahead of where it is now, if it had never adopted and accepted all the religious baloney throughout the ages.

At least that’s my opinion on the matter… think I’m wrong? I’ll be happy to hear it. 🙂