This thing is a life-saver.


If you don’t know what this is, let me explain. When you order a case from Lian-Li’ s v1000 series today, you get something like this. This is due to a redesign Lian-Li implented on their cases. They perforated the right panel so that fan could blow hot air through. But if you bought one of the original v1000 cases (like me) you get something like the blower fan pictured above. What’s the upside? You don’t need a perforated side panel, it just blows out the hot air from the graphics card(s) out the back of the case. This is perfect for me because I just get paranoid when I can’t see the guts of my pc through a window. It also cut about 6 to 8 degrees from my graphics card idle temp. Sweet

It’s definitely the loudest part of my pc, but hey, that’s not a hard thing to do when the rest of the fans run at 20dB max.