Annoyance overload.

I need a break… from gaming on a PC. Why? Pure and utter annoyance.

Follow me through a tale of annoyance and despair.

So two days ago I come accros this newspost on bit-tech. Great, I thought to myself, I’ll finally be able to try out one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year. Of course I could forget about downloading it that evening. With everyone wanting to get it, servers and download queues were constantly full and the download speeds were god awful. Even after waiting till the next morning, I still needed about 4 hours to download the whole shebang. The whole 1.8 Gig package. (Oh yeah that’s gonna eat into my monthly bandwidth)

Still, I wasn’t complaining as I would finally be able to install and play it. Wrong! Apparently the built in Vista unzipping utility still chokes on huge files even after the fixes Microsoft issued last week. So I had to go download Winrar, install it, after which things went smoothly. So let’s play right? Nope, guess again ! Apparently to get any decent framerates and stability on a PC you need to download either the Nvidia beta drivers or an AMD Hotfix. So I have to download Beta drivers now to download a simple demo?

Well at least I was able to play through the demo. However brief it was, it was very cool, the water effects look great and the same goes for the lighting. After the first playthrough (on default settings) I decided to ramp up the settings to find out what would be the most playable settings for my system. And this is where everything went wrong again. You see, Bioshock has no AA settings built in. So? Force it from the Nvidia Control panel. Wrong again: that doesn’t work. I know I’m not alone in this as I’ve seen many discussions on multiple forums where people have the same issues. Apparently its something about Unreal Engine 3 and DX 10. I think its terrible. This annoys me even more as console gamers always get at least 4x aliasing for free these days.

Ive really come to hate DX10. It does nothing but slow down everything for very few visual effects. My framerate in Company of Heroes went from super smooth to dismal and for what? Realistic tufts of grass? No, thank you, I’d rather just play the game.

Personally, I can’t wait for my Elite to come in on Friday, so I can finally sit down for some no nonsense, non aggravating gaming.

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