Enter the Steve

Another stevenote, another horde of Mac crusaders having nerdgasms. As much as I hate fanatic fanboys of any kind, Apple latest special event still was a big deal. So what’s my take on it? Let’s go chronologically shall we?

  • Ringtones: A lot of people were flabbergasted about the fact that you couldn’t use your own songs as ringtones on the iPhone. Apple has fixed that now…if you pay 99 cents more. Lame! So, people have to pay double for a section of a song that they already own in order to use it as a ringtone? Mad Dog’s money grabbing me says.
  • Shuffle refresh: Some new colors including a Product Red, which is always nice. Just a refresh though nothing special.
  • New nano: Well, I guess those fugly fatty leaked pictures were the real deal. Does anyone think these look nice? I don’t. The old nano’s were so much more stylish. I don’t understand why Apple, the king of design, has gone for this approach. Oh and they get video, big deal. Video on a 2 inch screen is almost impossible to enjoy.
  • iPod refresh: Quite predictably the regular iPod (or the ‘Classic’) now also gets the aluminum treatment, putting it on par with the rest of the line-up. It’s a bit thinner and has a whole lot more storage, 160 gigs at the most. That would have been a nice upgrade on it’s own, but no, ol’ Steve had to up the ante.
  • New iPod: Dubbed the iPod Touch. It’s basically the iPhone without the phone. Everything except the phone functionality is still present, so things like Youtube and Wifi and Safari are still present. The touch interface and coverflow is still gorgeous. We knew this one was coming and it’s gorgeous. Wait a minute, go back a few lines. WiFi? Does that mean? Oh yes 🙂
  • Wifi song purchasing: Yes ladies and gentlemen, they did it. They failed to do it on the ROCKR or on the iPhone, but it’s finally a reality. The Zune can forget it, this is how Wi-Fi in an MP3-player should work (although Sandisk has done some nice things recently)
  • iPhone price cut: Nothing fancy, just a good solid business move. By discontinuing the 4 gigabyte version and dropping the price to 399, the iPhone is now practically in Treo and Blackberry territory. Can’t wait to see that battle unfold.
  • Some lame Starbucks partnership. Let’s say that wasn’t the big ‘one more thing’ everybody was hoping for.

So in the end, good presentation, with mostly cool new products. No 3G iPhone, no Beatles but that’s okay. I’m guessing we won’t have to wait too long for that…. I hope.