What’s up?

Ok, so my blogging hasn’t been quite regular lately. In fact, it’s been almost nonexistant. I’ll try to remedy that in the future, although I doubt I’ll have that much time. I have been updating the books and DVD sections. (btw If you’re even a little into Warhammer 40000k, you have to read the Horus Heresy series of books)

I also just downloaded, installed and joined Wakoopa after hearing about it on a semi-recent episode of the Windows Weekly netcast. It’s basically a combination of a social networking site and a small plug-in that lets your friends keep up on which apps you use on your PC or Mac. It’s also a great way to discover cool new applications.

I’ll also start my 2nd (well one and a half 🙂 ) year in college tomorrow, so that should keep me quite busy.

Oh and I’ve put up a new set of photos from my brief trip to the (French) Provence a week ago. Beautiful weather, just relaxing at a poolside bar while the folks go visit cultural stuff.

So stick around. I still have to write about my Xbox Elite experience. Here’s hoping that will online by the end of this week.