One Extra… Ultimately

Vista LogoSo finally, FINALLY, there is a Vista Ultimate Extra besides the crappy Texas Hold’em game. Dreamscene has recently come out of beta and is now available to all Vista Ultimate owners. In case you don’t know what Dreamscene is, let me enlighten you. It’s basically a small application that lets you use videos or specially created Dreamscene files as your desktop wallpaper. That’s right, gone are the static wallpapers of old. Now even your desktop background will distract you (even more) from all your important work.

I checked it out, and it’s pretty cool, though you probably don’t want it running when you’re playing games or doing any cpu-intensive tasks (like encoding) as it does take a small chunk out of your cpu cycles to provide all that gaudy eyecandy.

There is however a special bonus for users with multiple monitors. Quick history lesson first. On Xp, if you wanted to have a different image on each display, it was as simple as grabbing an image editor, pasting the two images together and setting that combined image as your desktop wallpaper. When a lot of users (including me) started switching to Vista, they often noticed that this didn’t work anymore. Vista would almost always resize the image to fit on one display, so once again you had two identical backgrounds. When I installed Dreamscene, this issue was miraculously resolved. Either that or it’s the latest Nvidia Drivers (seeing as I installed both of them on the same day).

So for all you lucky (or rich) owners of Ultimate this might just be worth checking out.


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