iTunes, schmiTunes

Ah yes, the true reason for me not owning an iPod finally comes to light. I hate iTunes. As much as almost everybody fawns over it, I just don’t get it. I try to use it with everywinamp.png major release (5,6,7) and after about 10 minutes I promptly delete it off my system. It’s an annoying, buggy resource hog. Hey Steve, instead of always criticising Vista, why not try to ensure that with every major release of iTunes, we don’t get any major crash bugs or mystery errors.

Now if you, like me, “just don’t get it”, you’ve probably already looked at alternatives. I’m posting this to promote an old one that just got a makeover.

Yes, I’m talking about Winamp, the granddaddy of music players. Everyone remembers Winamp. how could we have gotten through the birth of the mp3-era without it? I’ve been using Winamp as my main music player since the 5.0 version. I took a break from it after a few Vista stability issues. But it’s back on my hard drive now. To celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, Nullsoft has released the much revamped 10th Anniversary 5.5 edition.

It’s now rock stable, has excellent podcast support and completely revamped visuals. Sorry foobar2000, you were just a temporary solution. 🙂

For anybody who is sick and tired of Apple screwing over users of Apple software on Windows (i.e. iTunes), check out Winamp. It’s free, it’s solid, you’ll love it. Trust me 🙂

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