2008 Tech Resolutions

With the end of the year in sight, I thought it would be a good idea to share my 2008 New Year’s resolutions..in tech 🙂


1) Be more patient

2007 was the year I built my current desktop rig. I love it, it runs every game smoothly at the highest settings (except Crysis, but not even triple-SLI can do that), but I have to admit that it could have been better if I just had been a bit more patient. Take the memory for example. The only reason that it’s pc5400/667mhz, is because the pc6400/800mhz would take a week longer to arrive. I also didn’t really research my fans which resulted in a louder system than desired.

2) Be more silent

Performance has lost all appeal to me. I’d rather have 20 fps less in a game, than a raging fan in the background. I don’t play with headphones. I have a very nice 5.1 setup that I want to enjoy and it pains me that I have to turn up the volume sometimes in order to overcome the hum of my fans. So for 2008: passive graphics card, low noise/rotation fans and a quiet psu.

3) Buy an iPhone…

…if it’s 3G

…if it’s unlocked

…if it’s supports Java and Flash

…if the camera records video

…and if it’s actually available in my country (that’s right folks, Belgium has an even stricter legislation concerning locked cellphones tied to specific cell phone carriers, which, in the long run, is probably a good thing)

4) If number 3 doesn’t pan out, but a Creative ZEN 16 Gig 🙂

Not an iPhone but still a damn good mp3-player.

5) If it feels wrong, it probably is.

2007 was also the year where, I admit, I was a little trigger happy when it came to tinkering with gadgets and computers. There was an incident with a power supply and a network card that I’d rather not explain right now. 🙂 So for 2008, if I feel that things will go wrong, I’ll be more than happy to let an IT guy or someone with greater technical skill handle it. I’ll gladly swallow my pride so things won’t blow up.

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