Gadget Mania


The technology-fest that is CES 2008 is here once again and as usual it’s bigger than ever.

I personally use just two sources to keep up to date

  • CNET TV (Great place with great people, perfect for first looks and hands-on info. Plus they just hired Natali del Conte, formerly of TeXtra and they also have a dedicated CES 2008 page)

2 great sites, 2 beautiful women, lots of tech. What more do you want ?

Also, be sure to check out the Bill Gates keynote (Silverlight required). It’s very, very likely his last keynote as he is retiring this year. An end of an era?

Update: also, check out the CES content index, for the more hardcore technophiles among you.

Update 2: bit late perhaps, but be sure to also check out the Daily Digests on Trustedreviews