Macworld 2008

This is just a quick post on the latest Stevenote @ Macworld. I’m not going to tell you what he said because you already know that.

Instead here’s my extremely brief take on Steve’s 4 announcements.

1. Time Capsule

Don’t own a Mac so this one’s useless to me.

2. iPhone updates, iPod touch updates and SDK in february

Sorry Steve, rearranging my homepage, sending text messages to multiple people and updated Google Maps won’t make me buy one. Here’s my list: read it and fix your phone (and get to work on #5, I know some people that are going insane over here). Oh and making people pay 20$ for 5 measly ‘new’ apps on the iPod Touch? Lame!

3. iTunes Movie Rentals and Apple TV Take Two

Congrats, Apple. You’ve turned your hobby into a new money maker. This one I’d actually buy myself, if it didn’t mean that I’d be shackled to iTunes.

4. MacBook Air

Amazing laptop. Thin, sleek, innovative. Love to buy one… if it were cheaper 🙂

Small addendum: Engadget sucked bigtime, it was down half the time. Guess I’ll have to find another live-blog next year (no shortage of those)