You SOB’s

So yeah, I guess it’s official. The format war is over. Blu-Ray has won. Congratulations Sony.1145446398.jpg

But before everyone starts cheering, think about what just happened. Think about what Warner and cohorts have condemned us to. They’ve just put the future of high definition physical media in Sony’s hands. Why is that a bad thing? Let me remind you.

  • Sony makes exploding batteries
  • Sony puts rootkits on your computer.
  • Sony made you pay 600$ for a failure of a game-console.
  • Sony made Mini Disc, a proprietary format nobody except the Japanese used.
  • Sony made UMD, another failing media format.
  • Sony used ATRAC, one of the reasons their MP3 players are hardly being bought, even today.
  • Sony forced the usage of Sonicstage, the other reason why their mp3-players have failed in the market.
  • Sony did not include a mandatory ethernet port in the 1.0 profile of Blu-ray (unlike HD-DVD), so all of you who are stuck with profile 1.0 players won’t have a convenient way of upgrading to 1.1
  • Which would not be the case if Blu-Ray was a finished product (unlike HD-DVD).
  • Sony made fake blogs to promote their products.
  • Sony creates fake film critics.
  • Sony CCD’s in camera’s break down.
  • Sony illegally sprays graffiti to promote their products.
  • Sony launched Betamax, which lost the previous format war.
  • Sony’s online music store is a joke and will soon close it’s North American division.

With that kind of track record, I’m a bit, shall we say, ‘unsure’ about the future of Blu-Ray.

For me though, even after this ‘victory’, it doesn’t really matter. Blu-ray discs wil have to come down to DVD prices in order for me to even consider buying them. Until then I’m perfectly happy upscaling my regular DVD’s on my HDTV. It’s not like VHS where the quality actually made my eyes bleed. Maybe I’ll even skip physical HD media and go straight to download services)

(EDIT: If this rumor does pan out though, I’m there 🙂 )