Audio Love

Lot’s of strange little games crossing my doorstep these days, all of them involving music.rez-hd-1.jpg

First up we’ve got Rez HD, the high definition revamp of the Dreamcast classic (and later PS2 port) Rez. I never played Rez, not having a Dreamcast and not being able to find it on the PS2 without paying for it on Ebay. So I was very glad to be able to try this cult-classic in all new HD glory as an XBLA title.

Suffice to say, after having played the demo, I had to buy this game. The music is very very good, and the way you interact with it is amazing, even though you’re actually not doing that much. The visuals are psychedelic, but gorgeous in their own right, and the feeling of adrenaline after having played the last levels is indescribable. That feeling however is not unique, not if you’ve played…

audiosurf_igf_screenshot1_600.jpgAudiosurf. Take the concept of Rez, blend in a fair chunk of Guitar Hero and add the ability to play with any song in your music collection and you’ve got a hell of a ride. Audiosurf is one of those indie gems you can regularly find on Steam and is one of the first that uses Valve’s new Steamworks publishing suite. It analyses your selected audio file (MP3,WMA,etc… as long as it’s not copy-protected) and creates a kind of racetrack whose construction is based on the rhythm of the music. You then have to either dodge or collect blocks of a certain color to score points. When the song is over, you can thensoulstorm_coverart.jpg compare your results with everyone else who played that song.

If I had to pick a favorite I’d have to pick Audiosurf. It’s on PC (still my favourite platform), it adds the functionality of Steam (incidentally this was my first Steam purchase) and you’re not limited to just five, albeit amazing, songs. Do me a favor, go try out these great games. There not the most conventional, but trust me, you won’t regret it.

On another note, Dawn Of War: Soulstorm will be coming out this week. I love the Dawn of War games, so I’ll be sure to pick it up. It will be with sadness in my heart though as Iron Lore, the developers of Soul Storm, just recently went out of business. Hang tough guys