One Vision, One Purpose

cc3kw-win-cover.jpgI finally got around to playing Kane’s Wrath, the latest iteration in the C&C franchise. I won’t try to ‘review‘ it or anything. Safe to say it’s a good game, a good RTS and an incredibly fun experience. Kane’s back in force, the new units are fun and adding Natasha Henstridge is never a bad thing.

Yet like C&C 3, I have a problem with it: it’s not a good C&C game. Let me explain.

It seems to me that EA, in their franchise destroying ways, plainly ignored everything that happened in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, both from a story- and game-development perspective. Tiberian Sun had great cinematics with good actors, good acting and great endings. For C&C 3, EA reverted to the briefing style cinematics which, while fine with mediocre actors in 1995, just suck today.

A lot of story elements are very shaky, the way they handle C.A.B.AL. is just terrible. The disappearance of Anton Slavik and the Forgotten are adressed in an almost casual way. Like they were obligated to do it, but weren’t prepared to put much effort into it.

Again, I think C&C 3 and it’s ilk are good games, well worth the purchase. I’m just saying that true fans, not just of the game but also the story will be heavily disappointed.

As usual I’m blaming it on EA, the company that hasn’t done any good since the 80’s. They destroyed Bullfrog, Westwood and I’m not too confident about Bioware and Pandemic either. Sure they publish a couple of great games. It’s impossible not to find at least something good in the sheer volume of shovel- and crapware they publish. Not that they even support those games decently after release. To me EA is a company the likes of SONY, and if you know me, you know that’s not a good thing.

Wow I guess this is how all those Knight Rider fans must have felt .


  1. XxxDEATHxxX

    ur right about all of that…wtf i dont get is who the F c.a.b.a.l. is i mean they never realy told us whe is or was and sometimes during the whole campaine mode we were fighing to get CABAL back and then we did and then the game just ended…and at the last cinimia it was in schrin writing so no one could even read it.
    And another thing why were ther no GDI and SCHRIN campains that mad me mad.
    I just think EA need to get there crap together and get some good RTS games out or make another C&C…..


  2. Xevron

    Cabal was some sort clone of kaine at least on the firestorm ending the one in the tube look like kane clone hooked on some sort of mashine.On the other hand what i found total weird is most EA games what came out latly lack total on work on it give much of the feeling 3 month work put together and realeased like – im bored to work on it anymore lets just tape it together realease it and cash som money…

  3. Marvin

    Hi everyone, i’m another fan of C&C, and I want to give my own opinion about some things said about the 3rd part of the Tiberian Story. First i’d like to explain something to Xevron:

    The Kane in the Tube is the actual Kane, not a Clone. After Kane was injured by McNeill, CABAL’s Cyborgs put him in a tube and Kane – who wasn’t dead – Was Healed by CABAL, The Tubes you see with the other people are the mind-slaves connected to CABAL (thats the BAL part from CABAL: Computer Assisted Biological Augmented Lifeform). CABAL consists of about twelve mind-slaves which are used equal to a Computers Processor, Memory and Storage. I do not know if Kane is also mentally connected during the Firestorm crisis, That would explain why CABAL said he was “the only one following Kane”. As soon as Kane is Healed (Except for a part of his face, which is being healed from the Tiberian Mutation from C&C:TS by his mask…) “C&C3: Kane’s Wrath” Starts. Kane then declares that “CABAL is no more”. This however isn’t entirely true. CABAL as he was is “no more”, Only CABAL’s “foundations” are left, and in Kane’s Wrath you start as CABAL’s foundations, you are slowly rebuild and expanded until you become LEGION (Logarithmically Engineered Governing Intelligence Of Nod). You awake as LEGION just before the starting point of the Third Tiberium War.

    No I would like to give my opinion about some things the writer of the piece said:

    “… and adding Natasha Henstridge is never a bad thing.”

    If you want to see a lot of woman in “sexy” outfits and still play games from the C&C franchise, I recommend you start on the Red Alert Series.

    “it’s not a good C&C game.”

    I have to admit that if I needed to order the C&C games from best to worst it would be the following:
    – Tiberium Wars
    – Kane’s Wrath
    – Tiberian Dawn (Original C&C)
    – Tiberian Sun
    Tiberian Sun was a good game, but to my opinion Tiberium Wars is far better, and not only because it was made 7 years later.

    “”…plainly ignored everything that happened in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm.”

    I hope we are talking about the same Tiberium Wars and Kane’s Wrath, If you want some connecting background information, then read the first part of my comment. Also, there are especially at the start of Kane’s Wrath a lot of picture’s shown to you from the Second Tiberium War. and if they would have completely ignored Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, C&C3 would have been C&C2, and it would have been about TW2 instead of TW3. there are more things in Kane’s Wrath that encourage the part Tiberian Sun played in the series. although they aren’t seen much during the campaign, GDI’s Steel Talon forces are almost straight from Tiberian Sun. They have Titan’s, Wolverine’s and also interesting… the same GDI logo as it was during Tiberian Sun. also, The CABAL Core Defender uses according to background information the same technology as the Scrin Annihilator. Just compare them, and you will also see similar things. The Scrin Ship Vega lost during TS was made by Nod, and was made following technology retrieved from the Tacitus, I think the Ship looks a bit like the Scrin Refinery. Differences between Tiberian Sun and Tiberium Wars are easy to explain. The Tacitus was redesigned, off course, because an Alien Data-Matrix doesn’t look like a glowing Red Egg. And also Kane’s mask was changed, because it didn’t need to mutate his face, but it needed to de-mutate his face. And also the Titans and Wolverines and Juggernauts are different, because after all, development hasn’t stopped.

    “EA reverted to the briefing style cinematics which, while fine with mediocre actors in 1995, just suck today.”

    This just doesn’t make any sense to me at all, if i’m playing Command & Conquer, I want to be part of the game, just as you are in Red Alert, Red Alert 2, Tiberian Dawn, Yuri’s Revenge, Tiberium Wars, Kane’s Wrath, Red Alert 3, Uprising. I don’t want to be put on the side-line, and watch how others are in the midst of the story, while you are “going to be one of them” in the next mission. there is stated that it sucks today. I think they have done a great job with the briefing style cinematics, because they aren’t the same as in 1995, if they were, I would agree that it would suck. The Cinematics are like the great Films they make now, just to mention a few:
    Transformers, Terminator Salvation, Batman Begins, al of them are titles that also were there a long time ago, but they all have one thing that they hadn’t back then… a story that comes very close to the “what if…” or the “could be…” truth, Batman isn’t real, but If he would be, he would probably be more like Christian Bale than like Michael Keaton. The Cinematics from C&C3 are more like the “what if…” truth. I think you can’t compare the Cinematics from C&C3 to the ones from C&C. They’re great today.

    “I’m just saying that true fans, not just of the game but also the story will be heavily disappointed.”

    Well, I’m a true fan, I have all the games, from C&C 95 to RA3 Uprising, and I suck in RTS-games, The only reason why I play Command & Conquer is because of the story (and the gameplay). So I am a fan of the games and of the story, And I am not disappointed, not at all. I loved the story from C&C3, because it was entirely a C&C story. The Story was great, because it finally gave some insight in the main story-line from C&C, you got to know more about the Tacitus and it’s origins, and you also got to know more about Kane’s plans, also Kane didn’t need a WAM, because he had Liquid Tiberium. The Story just got more serious, with C&C3 the story is not just another Video Game story, but a full complicated Science Fiction Story.

    I hope you’ve read it all, and I hope I haven’t offended anyone in anyway, I just have given my opinion, and that’s it.