Rant featuring GTA IV

So I’m guessing everyone is enjoying the bliss that is GTA IV. Having fun? Well I’m not, my XBOX 360 blew up the other day. So my copy of GTA IV is just sitting there twiddling it’s thumbs, feeling neglected.

Until now, I took the RRoD with a grain of salt. It’s like cancer, you don’t think it will really happen to you…until it does. Screw you Microsoft. Would it have killed you to have released the 360 a month or so later and have it’s inherent design flaws at least looked into? It’s already cost you over a billion dollars. So much for your vaunted headstart.

It’s sad too, because GTA IV is the only GTA game (except for the perfect gem that is Vice City) that I bought on a console. GTA III, I played at a friend’s house, but with me not having a PS2 at the time I was more than happy to pick it up for the PC a couple of months later. Vice City has long been the lone oddity. That was the game that made me buy a PS2. The second I heard “GTA” “80’s” “Miami Vice” and “Scarface” in one sentence, I went gaga. I even bought the PC version a couple of months later. San Andreas was once again greeted with a thoroughly ambiguous “meh”. I detest rappers, and the thought of playing a gangbanger was not the most appealing thing in the world to me. After giving it the benefit of the doubt though, I did pick it up for the PC and thoroughly enjoyed it.

You see, for me, a game that comes out (be it simultaneously or a few months later) both on PC and the consoles, has to give me a lot of valid arguments to choose the console version over the PC version. I truly believe in the superiority of the PC as a gaming platform. Graphics will always be better, controls will always be smoother, online play (excepting MMORPG’s) will always be free and the game itself will almost always be played forever. Consoles grow old and die. PC’s endure in one form or another. I’m still playing games that were released 12 years ago. Most consoles (I’m looking at you Microsoft) don’t last that long. That also explains why I skipped Liberty City and Vice City Stories when they came out on the PS2

GTA IV, for me, had enough of those valid arguments. The Xbox achievements are one of the coolest contributions Microsoft has made to gaming and I really enjoy fullfilling them. Graphically, the current generation of consoles will probably remain on par with the PC for a lot longer than the last one. The console controls have been overhauled in GTA IV, implementing a cover system and fixing the crappy targeting of previous games. Downloadable content was another huge incentive (unless they release it for free on PC like Bioware)

So basically, screw you Microsoft. Screw you for once again putting your business interests ahead of your customers.*

*They do have excellent customer service though 🙂

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