Screw the Next-Gen.

For all of you who are worried that Microsoft made a bad choice by sticking to DVD-9 in the XBOX 360 instead of choosing a next-gen disc format (like HD-DVD and Blu-Ray), here’s a great (albeit somewhat old) article that should put those worries to rest.

An excerpt:

Much debate has gone into whether or not the DVD9 format is too small for next generation titles. Looking over the data, it’s fairly evident that in fact DVD9 is not too small for next generation games as much as it was too big for the last generation’s. Very few games on the original Xbox came close to pushing the limits of the DVD9 format, leaving plenty of room for growth for the Xbox 360.

Undoubtedly, games will grow. However, technology designed to keep them small and compact will grow as well. In many ways, the debate over Microsoft’s handling of the DVD9 and HDDVD formats is simply a matter of a red herring. People see it and worry about it, but there is little data to suggest there will actually be a problem with it.

The PS3 will be able to store more data with their blu-ray discs, but that won’t necessarily mean that they’ll be any less limited in their creativity. It might simply give developers more room to be sloppy in their programing.