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So how was the WWDC keynote for you? Did you too suffer through the boring app presentations? Were you too filled with a sensation of euphoria when the worst kept secret in tech history was announced? Did you too cheer when you saw your country among the list of 22 chosen ones? I’m betting you’re going to answer each of these questions with a resounding “Yes!”. But when I ask you if the next day you received the equivalent of being stabbed in the back, your answer wouldn’t be that clear cut now would it?

Yes, it’s true. My sad little country has done it again. Our government has taken a long vacation this past year, our economy is tumbling down the abyss, our language disputes have reached their highest level ever and to top it all off we won’t be seeing the iPhone on July 11th. In all probability we won’t even see the iPhone on July 17th. Quite frankly, we’ll be lucky if we even reach September.

A lot of people are probably to blame and although shoving blame on people usually doesn’t really amount to much, I’m going to do it anyway because quite honestly, I am mad as hell. Not only do we get the iPhone a year later, but on the day that we finally find out when it will be launched in our country, our expectations are killed and replaced with feelings of uncertainty and blind rage.

The most obvious culprit would be Apple, but for once I’m going to spare the rod. Apple would never, EVER have Steve Jobs announcing the various countries and sell dates on stage at WWDC without knowing damn well sure that all of them would be a reality. As far as I know Apple fully expected to sell the iPhone on July 11th in Belgium.

By knocking Apple out of the picture we come to the first real culprit, namely Mobistar. Ignore the fact that their main competitor has a far better 3G network in place, ignore the fact that they were damn lucky to even get the iPhone deal in the first place. The least you could expect is for them to not f*ck it up first chance they get. I’m currently not a Mobistar customer, but I (like many others I assume) was ready to switch, right there and then. Now because of their stupidity, my first impression of them has already reached rock bottom.

But let’s not have Mobistar be the only moronic organisation in this affair. Their little “communications error” wasn’t the only problem, there was also the matter of regulation. Even after taking the Belgian tying laws out of the equation, you can pretty much shift a decent part of the blame on our government. A government that has been living in limbo for more than a full year. A government that has practically made it public policy to do nothing but procrastinate and lie. Sure, delaying the iPhone seems to be but a trivial matter to most people, but in reality it’s just one of the innumerable symptoms of the sheer incompetence of our government.

I’m still going to buy one, if and when it inevitably ships. It’s the phone I’ve always wanted. It’s the phone that should have been launched a year ago. It’s the first Apple product I’ve ever wanted to buy. Too bad that from day one, it’s entry into the Belgian market has already been dragged through the mud.

(Note: I was inspired by this blog post to write this completely subjective and rage-induced rant)

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