Daddy’s got a new toy.

I made a small addition to my dual-monitor setup today. Let me show you.

Let me give you a few specs on the bad boy to the left: It’s the Samsung 245B plus.

  • 24 inches
  • 1920*1200 Resolution
  • 8000:1 Contrast ratio (that’s what the ‘plus’ in the product apparently stands for)
  • 5ms Response Time
  • 400 cd/m² brightness.
  • Fully HDCP Compliant
  • DVI-D and VGA inputs
  • Height Adjustable & Swivel & Tilt

This is the best monitor I have ever owned! Found it on sale at 50€ less than the regular price. I just had to snap it up. What else was I going to spend that money on? An iPhone? Yeah right, like that’s ever coming out here.