I’ve had my iPhone (or Jesusphone as some like to call it) for 10 days now. I thought I’d share my impressions, presented here in bite-sized chunks.

  • First of all, the iPhone is not as stable as you would expect. Safari is probaly the most unstable app on the entire phone. If this is really Mac OSX on a phone, it’s just another reason for me not to buy a Mac.
  • Tales of firmware 2.0’s instability are completely true. It seems 2.0 is going the way of Leopard. I experienced the whole range of issues: app crashes, input lag, accelerometer glitches. I’m guessing a lot of people are waiting on firmware version 2.0.1.
  • Super Monkey Ball is not worth the money. Either I suck at it or the iPhone’s accelerometer is not up to the job. Bejeweled 2, the other app I forked out money for, is as usual the ultimate casual game and well worth the money. Free games like Cube Runner, Aurora Feint, Tap Tap Revenge and Advent (a.k.a. the original Collosal Cave Adventure) have a lot of potential.
  • The appstore has a lot of weird quirky apps like iPint, BubbleWrap and Mixmeister Scratch.
  • The coolest of these is without a doubt Phonesaber, the MacSaber‘s little brother.
  • Social Networking aficionados will be incredibly pleased: Twitterific, Facebook, Loopt,… If you have (virtual) friends you will like the iPhone
  • The Apple Remote app is cool, but I don’t really see a personal use for it. Still, showing someone how your iPhone controls your iTunes library via Wi-Fi is sure to cause some “Oooh’s and “Aaaah’s”.
  • Why oh why can’t you sinc your Bookmarks and Calendars from Mozilla Firefox or Windows Calendar? I don’t use IE, I don’t need the advanced functionality of Outlook, I don’t want to use Google Calendar and now I’m being punished for that?
  • Youtube is fine, but I’d like to log in with my own profile. Maybe that functionality is there, but I haven’t noticed it.
  • My biggest annoyance with the iPhone is that I have to use iTunes. I have gone on record in saying that I don’t like iTunes. I don’t like the playlist methodology. I hate that it’s sucks up system resources. I hate that I can’t just create a temporary now-playing list (à la Windows Media Player) without creating a playlist. It does have some redeeming features like gapless playback and Coverflow but in the end I don’t like it.
  • The iPhone is a fingerprint and dirt magnet. I’ve already ordered an Invisible Shield to try to limit the effects.
  • The battery life is depressing. If you’re just using the Phone, SMS, Mail, Notes, Weather and Stocks apps without Wi-Fi or 3G you’ll be fine. You’re phone will even last for days. Start adding more stuff and you’ll be forced to recharge you’re phone every single day.
  • The Google Maps app is really cool. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have voice directions, it’s essentially a full fledged GPS right on your phone. How cool is that?

I’m probably forgetting a whole lot of things but I’m guessing you get the picture. Make no mistake, I love this phone, it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned. I love the Mail, the webbrowser, the cool third party apps. Just keep in mind that despite Apple’s claims it’s not the perfect phone.

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