So, I haven’t been blogging all that much, I know. The reason for that is simple: Twitter.

Every time I see or hear about something cool on the internet I go: “That’s cool, let’s blog about that” and then turn around and shout my thoughts in multiple 140 character tweets. It’s certainly not for lack of exciting things. In the last months, I’ve been playing Soul Calibur IV, Galaga Legions, Geometry Wars² and the Force Unleashed demo. Google’s Chrome browser just came out, Apple has an event on the 9th, Kevin Rose went nuts, Gmail was down for a day, the IE8 beta came out and the American VP’s were picked.

And yet, every time I want to voice my thoughts I turn to Twitter. I personally don’t like this at all. I realise that it’s probably lazyness on my part but then Twitter is so incredibly easy to use. Writing a blogpost has become a lot harder since the introduction of microblogging, which is sad because writing something coherent and meaningful can be so much fun. So that’s why in the future I will attempt to make a concerted effort to blog more and blog better.