Hollywood, schmollywood

A recent article on Cracked.com put forward 5 reasons Hollywood is screwing consumers.

1 . Video On Demand

2 . The MPAA

3. Hollywood Squeezing Theaters for Every Dime

4. Ads in Front of Movies

5. Double-Dipping DVDs

I couldn’t agree more. To me it has come to the point that unless someone invites me, or if the movie truly warrants being seen on the big screen (meaning spectacles ala Dark Knight) I won’t watch it in theaters.

I’d rather wait for the DVD/Blu-ray to come out (the gap between box-office and disc release just keeps getting smaller) and watch it in the comfort of my own home on my couch, in front of my 42inch LCD without having to pay through the nose for crappy popcorn and soda’s, without having to endure the other people in the theatre and without being forced to watch 15 min. of ads. I can’t wait for the day when movies will be released in theaters and on DVD on the same day.

Not to mention the rating system which is in all fairness more of a problem in the U.S. than in Europe. We’re not afraid of nipples.

One comment

  1. batguano101

    Hollywood can produce stories, real stories, with admirable heroes, and epic struggles, which up lift and inspire.

    When they decide to do this as in the past, they will prosper and the nation is inspired and instructed.

    No honor, no shame, no fear of God- never produces and epic film.