Flying Mice

Ever since I originally bought a Logitech DiNovo wireless keyboard/mouse combo, I have always loved the idea of wireless peripherals. I think it’s a concept with a lot of potential and one which is of great practical use. Cutting wires is always a good idea. The best example might just be the Wiimote, which has become the wireless peripheral du jour.

There have been a few downsides to the whole wireless mouse/keyboard concept. Connections often get dropped, especially on the peripherals of the Bluetooth variety. If your peripheral doesn’t include a charger you’ll be buying batteries by the bucketload. Also, you’re going to have some problems accessing the BIOS on your computer as the wireless connection is often not established until afer that “press f8 to enter setup” has flashed by. They’re a lot more expensive than regular keyboards and mice as well

So I had resigned myself to a decent corded Logitech G5 (best mouse ever) and a plain old “clackydyclack” BenQ keyboard but I wanted that wireless experience. I wanted to control my PC from the other side of the room without getting up, without buying an expensive wireless mouse and without using Vista Media Center with a remote.

In comes Air Mouse by R.P.A. Technology

Air Mouse is an iPhone app that, for just 4,99 €, let’s you control your mouse cursor in one of two ways. You either use the iPhone touchscreen as a giant touchpad (laptop style) or you use the accelerometer. The touchpad method admitedly works best but I’ll be damned if the accelerometer isn’t cool, if a tad sensitive. You also get an on-screen keyboard so you’re free to type away in your browser or in search boxes although I wouldn’t recommend typing the world’s next great novel on it.

If you loved Apple’s Remote app, then you will love Air Mouse. All you need is a Wifi-network and the Air Mouse Server software installed on your computer. (XP, Vista or OSX). Go buy it now!