State Of The Blog

Changed the design of the blog today. My reasons for this are fourfold (is that even a word?).

  1. The text field on the old blog theme was too narrow and the font was too large.
  2. The blog was becoming a repository of social network badges.
  3. There was no tabbed navigation up top.
  4. Some things (PC Specs) were wrong or outdated.

I just want to get back to basics. Less is more. I’ve dumped all the widgets that I don’t think are important.  I’ve just been handed about a week or so of free time. Among other things I’ll dedicate this time to writing on the blog, preferably one post a day. Just a simple test of discipline.

I’ve got a few ideas for blog posts, some of my making, some inspired by others. In any case what appears on this page come straight from my brain, without filtering. The new design will also allow for larger images which should be nice. It’s also got an new name: The Moldy Tome (points if you can guess where it came from, hint: you can usually find it in a Stony Field)

Stay tuned, whoever you are out there.