Let’s Talk About Weight.

Ok, here’s the situation. I weigh 105.7 kg and am about 193 cm tall. That winds out to a BMI of 28.6, which is way too much. It’s a problem that’s been growing for a while now. I am now officially the fattest I’ve ever been. Although I know some people have it worse (looking at you Americans – no offense) it’s not a fun experience. I get tired faster, I start to sweat, my clothes don’t fit anymore and in general, everything’s harder. In other words, it’s a situation that has to be remedied.

Why did I get this fat? Mainly because I ate anytime I had the urge to and never did any physical exercise. Boredom is another factor. You’d be amazed at how much you can eat when you’re bored or when you’re ‘doing’ things that don’t involve your hands. For example, while gaming I would never eat. In fact, I would often go hours without eating a thing. Anytime I’d watch TV or read a book though, I’d stuff myself with whatever I could find. Also: I like to eat. I love the taste of food. I love chocolate, cheese, soda, pizzas and junkfood. Depriving yourself of a thing you really like is hard.

This isn’t saying that I never tried to do anything about it. On two occasions I lost about 10kg. Once on my own, once with the aid of a nutritionist. Losing the weight was hard, but I managed to do it. Making sure my weight remained stable however was harder. You never know when temptation will strike and soon enough you’re trapped in old habits.

Well as of this writing, I’m making another attempt. I’m once again following my nutritionists recommendations, and forcing myself to do some kind of daily physical activity. Today I went on a two hour walk which luckily was made bearable  by listening to podcasts. I’ll alternate those long walks with regular activity on an exercise bike.

I’ve got a great new scale (no, it doesn’t tweet), that remembers my weight and automatically tracks my progress.

My first goal is get below 100kg. After that 95 with the final goal to get under that magical BMI limit of 25.

I’ll be updating the blog when significant progress has been made. Here goes nothing.