My Xbox 360 Elite died last week. It wasn’t a RRoD (that happened last year), it wasn’t E74. Instead (I believe), the ATI GPU just stopped working. I was playing Just Cause 2 (or as I now call it “The Game That Killed My Console”) when all of a sudden a weird purple and green haze swept over the screen. It reminded me of artifacting, the kind you see when a graphics card in a PC overheats. Sure enough one reboot later and my 360 was no more.

Being the second time this 360 had decided to take a permanent vacation and it being out of warranty, I decided to forgo repairs and just buy a new one. That way I’d get an extra controller. With the cost of a controller plus repairs being about the price of a new 360 (can you imagine they’re only 229 € these days?) it was an easy decision. did great work, got my system shipped on time and at my doorstep in less than 5 days.

Below are the unboxing shots, comparing both consoles, their packaging and their power supplies. The newer PSU is quite a lot smaller than the old one. The fact that you don’t get an HDMI cable in the box is just stupid, much like it was at the PS3 launch. The new 360 also didn’t come with a remote unlike my previous one. Not that I needed one, but it just goes to show that although you pay less today for an Elite, you also get less accessories in the box (much like every Apple product).

Installation was a breeze including tranferring my content licenses (watch Major Nelson explain it here). It’s not really that much quieter, although the optical drive makes a different noise than my last one. The only thing I can’t seem to get to work are my 2 LACIE 1TB drives that I use to play back Tv-shows, movies and netcasts. Thumbdrives work fine but not my hdd’s. I really hope this isn’t some side effect of the latest system update that added USB storage for savegames.

Let me just end on this: how is it that both my original Xbox and my 360 have each died twice, yet I can plug in my original NES and it still runs like a charm? (personal answer: because Nintendo systems are the armored tanks of the console world)



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