Let’s talk about what I want… Apple.


Hey Apple. Love your products. Don’t particularly like the way you treat your consumers and developers that much. But hey, if it really bothered me, I’d stop buying iPhones and iPads right? So here are three things you can do for me or at least things I want you to do for me. You are of course completely free to ignore me.

First up: I want wireless sync. Jailbreakers can do it, Android users can do it, heck even the freaking Zune can do it. I hate having to plug in the cable to sync my iDevices. I hate it even more on the iPad where I have to use a different cable for syncing and charging because somehow iPads cant seem to charge over 99% of USB-ports (or at least extremely slowly). I mean, Wi-Fi is ubiquitous right? It’s not as good as a solid wired connection, but it’s darn handy. So come on Apple, this one’s easy.

Next up: I want podcast subscriptions to sync to iDevices. I’m not talking about the podcasts themselves. They transfer just fine when you syncing my iDevices. My problem is that my iPad and iPhone don’t know that I’ve subscribed to a podcast. Sure, I can download episodes manually but what I’d really like is a big ol’ refresh button that when I push it, it automatically downloads the latest episodes of podcasts I subscribe to.

And lastly: I want you to take a page out of STEAM’s book. The big advantage of STEAM is that even when you switch computers or your PC goes up in smoke, your games are always there on Valve’s servers and you can redownload them anytime and anywhere you want. Of course the big difference is that STEAM uses a mild form of DRM (that I put up with because of the massive convenience and because frankly I trust Valve a hell of a lot more than I trust you Apple) and iTunes music is unDRMed. But hey I don’t know maybe you could use that company you just bought? Lala was it? Please don’t tell me you just bought it for the engineers and you just shut it down for the heck of it? You’re not that evil are you?

There you go, my three ‘wants’. Feel free to to address my ‘needs’. Or, as I said, feel free to completely ignore me. It’s up to you.

(oh and when you’re at it, add a word count to Pages on the iPad because, you know, it’s pretty stupid not to have one)