Let’s talk about random stuff that gets dropped of

I order a lot of stuff online. Not that I’m exclusively dependent on it (I’m not THAT much of recluse) but I still order a fair amount of stuff online, be it from Amazon, Jinx or more recently CDJapan. Stuff gets dropped off on my doorstep every two or three weeks. Usually I just shoot out a tweet with a picture attached but in an effort to reinvigorate this blog, I’ve decided to write something up every time I get a new delivery. So without hesitation, let’s move on.

The lovely parcel that arrived on my doorstep today is a 1TB (Neil Poulton designed) Lacie external HDD I ordered from Coolblue.

I’m amassing quite a collection of these. The first one of these I bought was a 320 GB silver version that is now pulling duty as a back-up drive for the computer in the living room. I have two of these drives attached (1 TB and 2 TB) to a WDTV which is itself connected to my HDTV. It’s where I store all my movies and tv-shows. Another 1TB drive is used as a back-up drive for my main rig and another one is for random temporary storage.

This latest addition to my HDD family will be dedicated to storing Hello!-Project stuff I’ve recently been downloading of Hello!Online (more on H!P in a future post).

They’re cheap, they look cool and so far I’ve had zero issues with them. I can easily recommend them.