Let’s talk about C-ute and Buono!

Wow, lot’s of stuff going in the world of Hello!-Project. Mano Erina just released her latest single (which was able to perk up a bit in the charts, for which I’m happy), Dream Musume was formed and announced a studio album and an extended tour, Morning Musume announced their 45th single, Berryz工房 and C-ute both announced new albums (and in the case of Berryz工房 also a photobook), Takahashi Ai will be getting another solo DVD and photobook, everybody is getting an e-Hello! DVD… and I could go on and on.

Two things of more immediate importance are the release of Buono!’s new single and the unveiling of the PV for C-ute’s new single.

First up Buono! with their new single Zassou no Uta (Song of Weeds). Now what’s special here is that for Buono!’s return (it’s been a year) not only are we getting three full songs on the single but we are getting TWO PV’s. Off the top of my head I can remember this only happening twice, both with Morning Musume. First was Koi wa Hassou Do The Hustle! (which can be explained by the fact that that song was originally the A-side and was switched at the very last minute) and the other was 3,2,1 Breakin’ Out, which may have to do with it being the theme song for their 2009 Anime Expo appearance. There may be more (I’m thinking maybe some of Berryz工房’s double A-sides), but no others come to mind right now..

Anyway, on to the PV’s.

I really like these PV’s. They’re outside, they’re doing stuff, there’s no green screen. There’s even a band in the first clip. In the PV for Juicy Heart they’re even on a yacht (and yes the ‘I’m on a boat ‘ comparison has already been made). A bit later you can see them stepping out of expensive sportscars. It almost feels like UFA saved up all the money from previous crappy PV’s so they could spend it on this one.

I’ve never really gotten into Buono!. I always thought they were a fairly decent idol-rock group with an anime tie-in. This release is really great though. Even the third song on the single, Runaway Train, is very enjoyable.

Also: crazy Miya hair.

Gotta love it.

Next up C-ute with the release of the PV for their new single kiss me Aishiteru (kiss me I Love You)

Awesome isn’t it? It’s proof that simplicity is often best. There’s lots of space and again no green screen. I love the camerawork, with the zooming parts and the use of a slight Dutch angle. I particulary like the headphones in the close-ups. The bubble corridor (can’t describe it any other way) seems to the same from Morning Musume’s Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game, only painted white this time.

One thing about the costumes. Some people are saying they prefer the more cutesy outfits that will be on the various covers of the single. I disagree. This song is raw power and that should be reflected in the wardrobe. They may have gone a bit overboard on the bling, but that’s fine by me.

So in conclusion, one amazing release from Buono! (bought it off iTunes) and a great PV from C-ute (already preordered the single on CDJapan). Bring on the rest of 2011!