GETS!!! Part6: Son of GETS!!!

Another GETS!!! post, and once again it’s Momusu, all the way.

As usual, first the package… (click pictures for the bigger version)

…and the contents.

I know I’ve said it before but man, CDJapan knows how to package stuff. Plenty of bubblewrap and padding all fitting tightly in a compact package. Great work on their part.

Next, the groupshot.

Following that we have the individual photo’s.

Above is the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2006 Haru ~Rainbow Seven~ filmed at Saitama Super Arena. Much like my earlier concert DVD purchases there are various reasons why I bought this one. It has a decent setlist and it’s the last Morning Musume Concert featuring Konno Asami and Ogawa Makoto. But, much like earlier purchases, there is one overriding reason why I bought this DVD and that is the unforgettable performance of the mentor-student cuteness team extraordinaire Shige-Pink (Michishige Sayumi) and Koha-Pink (Kusumi Koharu). I’ve embedded their performance here below, although I must warn you, if you are extremely allergic to the color pink, high voices and vast amounts of absurd cuteness, you had best not watch. (and if you just want to get to the good part just skip to 1:17)

Still alive? If not, don’t say I didn’t warn you. This DVD also features a live performance of Sayonara SEE YOU AGAIN Adios BYE BYE Chaccha!, an underappreciated gem of a song that was included on Morning Musume’s 7th album, Rainbow 7.

Next up we have Second Morning, Morning Musume’s (as if you couldn’t guess) second studio album.

This was their last album before adding 3rd generation member Goto Maki and releasing their best-selling hit Love Machine. As such it still has all the elements of their more serious, indie-like style they possessed at the start of their career.

Up next we have their third album 3rd -Love Paradise-

You know, for an album that contains their two greatest hits (Love Machine and Koi no Dance Site), it’s still very much a transitional album presenting a fusion of their old style with the complete genkiness that would define them in later releases. I also never understood why Abe Natsumi is featured twice on the cover. Maybe to compensate for the loss of the center spot to Goto Maki? Oh, and speaking of later releases…

Here the transformation from serious to genki is complete. This album, released two years after their third album (although there was a best-of in between) adds the 4th and 5th Generation members and includes great and upbeat songs like The☆Pea~ce! (Complete Version), Ikimasshoi! and of course the stylistically eclectic Souda! We’re ALIVE. A great release allround.

That’s it for this post. Look forward to GET!!! Part 7: The Quickening, coming soon