GETS!!! Part 8: Boobs, Mechs and J-Pop

This GETS!!! post is a bit late mainly due to Amazon deciding to split up my order to “expedite”  the shipping. I didn’t really think this was necessary but so be it. I’m also mixing things up and dropping the box shot. I will still include it if the packaging is poorly done or if there’s a problem with it. But safe to say if I don’t mention it, the packaging was decent to good.

Anyway, on to today’s GETS!!!

First up Season 2 of the mecha anime series Linebarrels of Iron.

I already mentioned Linebarrels of Iron once in my Mobile Suit Gundam SEED post. While I would hesitate to call it as good as the best offerings from the Gundam series, it’s still highly enjoyable. The series is directed by Masamitsu Hidaka who also contributed to a few episodes of Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing. The design of the mecha (by Tsutomu Suzuki) is highly original. Big thumbs-up goes to the soundtrack by Conish which is just brilliant. The concept of an unlikable main character is quite a nice angle to take but he does slowly take on more traditional characteristics one would find in other mecha anime. Also, as the title of this blogpost indicates, this series has MASSIVE QUANTITIES of fanservice. It’s not quite at the Ikki Tousen level, but still. Some times I felt like I was watching a harem-style anime. If blatant fanservice bothers you then this is not the anime for you.

Next up we have Kill Me, Kiss Me, the first (and currently only mini-album) from hANGRY & ANGRY. (This the American release from JapanFiles so no obi unfortunately)

hANGRY and ANGRY is a promotional unit consisting of ex-Morning Musume members Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika. The unit was created to promote a fashion brand by H.Naoto. The unit takes elements from the gothic lolita fashion style and is truly some of the angriest (pardon the pun) music to come out of Hello!-Project yet. The unit was also probably the first one affiliated with H!P to tour worldwide, with performances in a number of American and European cities. I already owned their full album, but wanted to get this one as a number of the songs on the full album are (admittedly brilliant) rearrangements by crash berlin and I wanted to hear the original versions. This is one of those perfect CD’s. The cover is great and every single song gets synced to my iPhone and listened to regularly.

That’s it for this post. Quick notice for future posts: I’ve pre-ordered C-ute’s, Berryz工房’s and Kikkawa Yuu’s upcoming singles from CDJapan and have decided to review them. I’ve come up with what I believe to be a decent scoring system (yes I know, review scores suck but where would we be without them?). So, look forward to those reviews around the release time of those singles.