GETS!!! (11): Two Small Things

I’m cramming this GETS!!! post in quickly for two reasons: I’m behind on my GETS!!! reporting and I wanted to get it out before my copy of Heroine ni Narou ka! gets here and I can post a full review.

This post actually combines two different deliveries, each arrived at different times.

First up we have an Onno to Otoka no Lullaby Game T-Shirt (XL) from HelloStoreUSA.

My decision to buy this shirt was made when I heard that EriJunLin would be graduating. It’s a decent shirt. If you’ve ever ordered anything from Jinx before the quality is quite comparable. The shirt also comes with a complementary photo of the late 8nin Morning Musume which I’ve scanned and included in low quality below. Small word of warning: HSU is expensive and delivery can take quite a while. If you factor in that they are essentially importing H!P goods from Japan into the U.S. and then shipping them to various locations in the world it’s actually not that bad. Just be prepared to wait a bit.

Next up we have the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Aki ~Rival Survival~ DVD.

Again, I pre-ordered this as soon as I could when I learned this would be EriJunLin’s last concert tour. It features one of my favorite venues for H!P performances, the 17000 seat Yokohama Arena. This DVD truly seems like a celebration of the late 8nin Morning Musume. There’s no Love Machine or Renai Revolution 21. Instead there are just a few well chosen older Momusu songs (including a genius military style remix of Souda! We’re ALIVE) along with a bevy of recent and semi-recent hits. You’ve got your Kimagure Princess, Seishun Collection, Odore Morning Curry, the list goes on. The Onna to Otoko Lullaby Game performance is spectacular with Takahashi Ai once again proving why she is the premier vocalist within H!P. The graduation ceremony and the solo songs for the graduating members are beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time. I’ll fairly admit I cried quite a bit watching this DVD. The ending performance of Namidacchi is like a cherry on top a melodramatic but awesome cake. If you’re a Morning Musume fan, you need to own this release.

I’ve also included the Hand Made City performance below.



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