GETS!!! (14): Plugging a few gaps

Another day, another GETS!!! post and another order from CDJapan. Don’t forget that until the 31st of March 2% of the prices of all CDJapan purchases will go to quake relief efforts in Japan. It’s the least we can do.

Having said that, the things in this post were purchased with one goal in mind: to plug any gaps that may remain in my relentless collecting of Morning Musume’s discography.

First up we have Shabondama (シャボン玉; Bubbles), Morning Musume’s 19th single and the first one featuring the 6th generation members.

Everything about this single is just pure win. From the awesome cover (seriously, look at it!) to the angry lyrics and the headbangingly good PV (included below), everything about it screams quality. Which is why I find it weird that it was never included on any of their albums.

Next up we have Sakura Mankai (さくら満開; Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom) and Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart!~ (愛の園 ~Touch My Heart!~; Garden of Love ~Touch My Heart!~).

Both of these represent the best of Morning Musume Sakuragumi and Otomegumi, the two Morning Musume subgroups created when the group reached its record 15 (technically 16) member high in 2003. I especially want to recommend Sakura Mankai, since it includes not only their version of the Morning Musume classic Daite HOLD ON ME! but also a version of the concert favorite yet so elusive Say Yeah! -Motto Miracle Night-. Otome Gumi also did a version of this on their second single which I intend to buy some day as well as Sakuragumi’s first one.

Finally we have something from a lesser known member of the ‘Tsunku family’. It’s Tokito Ami‘s third single I’m a lady ~Jirettai Watashi~

Ami is a singer/gravure idol (technically mega-idol, since she wears glasses). She won the 2005 edition of Miss Magazine and signed with Tsunku’s label TNX. She was also part of the unit Gyaruru with Gal Sone Natsuko and Abe Asami. In fact she seemed to be the only one of that unit to actually enjoy it. She’s proof that models/gravure idols can sing. She’s also done collaborations with THE Possible. The CD came with a photo card (pictured below) but in TNX’s case I don’t know if that’s just par for the course or a true first press bonus.

That’s it. Another pretty good haul this time, expect more since I’m buying more things what with this quake charity thing. One of the things you can expect will be this:

Ah yes, the cover to Takahashi Ai‘s 12th Photobook that I pre-ordered was released and doesn’t it look absolutely perfect?


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