Let’s review Chou Wonderful! 6

Well, after reviewing Berryz工房’s latest album I couldn’t leave °C-ute in the cold now could I? What’s special about this album is that each girl is lead in one of the new songs. This basically neutralises any complaints I might have about line-distribution, which is a very good thing.

My review method is explained at the start of my last album review so let’s not hesitate and just dive right in.

First up: the cover.

Unlike 7 Berryz Times, where the Regular Edition cover turned out to be far superior to the Limited Edition, here there’s little difference. If you want them facing to the left buy the Limited, if you want to have them staring right at you (which, come to think of it, might be the better option) buy the Regular. In either case, the girls look fierce. I love the futuristic theme. It fits nicely with the image of their latest single (although there are no purple hotpants here). The white “leg covering” is a nice touch as well. They get their point here.

Unlike 7 Berryz Times where the photocard included as First Press Bonus was basically a compressed version of the album cover, here we have our five girls posing in front of a different background.

For the songs, I’m dividing them in three categories, much like I did with 7 Berryz Times. In fact, this will be standard procedure going forward.

Songs I don’t need to review

Kiss me Aishiteru (Kiss me 愛してる), Aitai Lonely Christmas (会いたいロンリークリスマス), Dance de Bakoon! (Danceでバコーン!) and Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ (キャンパスライフ~生まれて来てよかった~) don’t need reviewing. They’re all great songs (and again all Oricon Top 10 rankers). Campus Life, unlike the other three, isn’t a song that instantly clicks, but after two or three times listening it, you should be well on your way to loving it. Full points. (Embedded below is the PV to Kiss me Aishiteru)

The Good

Chou WONDERFUL! (超WONDERFUL!), the album’s title song is a very enjoyable song. It’s upbeat, rockish and with a few electronic parts that really fit well (I’m not a music critic, so most of my observations, I freely admit, I’m pulling out of my butt). This song deserves its point.

Midnight Temptation is awesome. Everyone sounds great. It has a very catchy beat and a lovely chorus. It’s another one of those songs that makes me spontaneously jump out of my seat.  Another well deserved point.

The same can basically said for Iza, Susume! Steady go! (いざ、進め! Steady go!). Nakajima Saki leads this song and she does a great job. The intro is great and the guitar part in it gets repeated often which is good. Halfway through this song I found myself already chanting the bit that goes “WowWowWowWowWow HAPPY!, WowWowWowWowWowWOw LUCKY!” Great song that should do well at concerts and again, nice work on Nacky’s part.

Wakaretakunai… (別れたくない・・・) is the song led by Okai Chisato and she does a great job. In fact, this entire album is a great illustration of how much Chisato has improved in the last year and a half. This song has a nice semi-mellow and electronic feel to it. It’s something I’ll be putting on as BGM (background music) a lot.

The Not so Good

Three songs remain, them being Rururururu (ルルルルル), Circle (サークル) and 3 Ban Home 3 Ryoume (3番ホーム 3両目). These aren’t really bad songs, they’re just a bit boring and unoriginal. This especially goes for Rururururu, which I believe is led by Airi. It basically puts you to sleep. No points for these three.

So, in conclusion, when we add it all up (and put it through my special formula), what do we get?


Well, looks °C-ute beat Berryz工房 by a very small margin this time. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t seem to agree as 7 Berryz Times has managed to nab a better place in the Oricon rankings. It’s too bad, because both of them are pretty good. °C-ute‘s 6th album is WAY better than their 5th one (Shocking 5).

It’s really a must buy in my book.