GETS!!! (17): Look at me!

Before I show any GETS!!! today, some blatant self-promotion. I was lurking on the Hello!Online forums when I noticed Mano Erina’s 10th single was announced by a tweet from her manager (congrats Mano, good to see Kikkawa Yuu hasn’t completely stolen your spotlight). I then saw the story was also on Hello!SayuNii. I checked Tokyohive to see if they had picked it up and they hadn’t, so I pushed their tip button, included a link to the tweet and the Hello!SayuNii post and sent it in. And lo and behold they actually posted it. On the bottom of the post was this.

It’s a small thing but it was the first thing I saw in my RSS-reader today, so it made me happy. Real props goes to Hello!SayuNii: it’s the best H!P news site around. I’m just glad I played my oh-so-very-small part.

Anyway, onto the GETS!!!

First up we have the 2010 Berryz Kobo – Berikou Fest! T-Shirt (XL).

I didn’t really have a reason for buying this particular shirt. I just want to have one from every H!P group and my last (and first) one was from Morning Musume so I picked Berryz工房 next. I like the shirt although the huge heart is well… huge. It also comes with a set of L-sized pictures showing every member of the group wearing the shirt. Didn’t really need those but it’s a nice bonus. Also, unlike my last HelloStoreUSA order which took months to arrive, this got delivered promptly. And really thank whatever deity you believe in that we have HSU, otherwise we Western fans really would have a hard time buying H!P goods.

One “good” we could buy even if HSU wasn’t around is photobooks and boy do I have a nice one for you today.

Love No. 10, Takahashi Ai’s 12th PB. You know as soon as she announced her graduation, we would be getting this (and you know she has at least one more coming up). This PB is slightly smaller but thicker than usual. It’s also hardcover and is meant to be viewed from right to left. I luuuuv this PB. Takahashi Ai mentioned on her blog that she had a bit of input on clothing and make-up choices this time and boy does it show. Huge bows, dorky glasses, amazing eyelashes. It’s like an ode to her “my coordinate” posts she does on her blog. And yes, you worried fans, there’s plenty of bikini shots and the (in)famous “Aibutt” makes its appearance yet again. I highly recommend this PB it’s a doozy.

To end on I’m leaving you with a picture from Takahashi Ai’s blog just before her handshake event to promote this PB.

How’s that for an ending?

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