GETS!!! (18): In a perfect world…

Today’s GETS!!! post is a small one but still worthy enough to merit its own post. It’s Eizo The Morning Musume. 6 – Single M Clips –. For those not “in the know” it’s basically a collection of PV’s (or MV’s or whatever they call them) on DVD along with some alternate versions as well as some extras, in this case a Making Of of their latest single as well as a couple of CM’s. Included on the DVD are all PV’s from Kimagure Princess to Maji Desu ka Ska!, so basically from Kusumi Koharu‘s last single to the kyuukies‘ first one.

I honestly didn’t think I’d buy this. I find the idea of paying for PV’s kind of baffling as the whole point of them is to advertise your music. I never understood why iTunes started selling them when you can usually freely view them on Youtube or any number of streaming sites. Not to mention the horde of programs that allow you to rip videos off of Youtube or those streaming sites in glorious 720 or even 1080p.

But then I saw the cover.

In a perfect world this would be today’s Morning Musume. No uncomprehensible graduation of Koharu, no illness for Eri and no neglecting of the pandas. A new 13nin Morning Musume, like in the Shabondama days. Just imagine it. Koharu would be running around with Kanon all hyped up and brimming with boundless energy. Mizuki could go into a three-way competition with Sayumi and Junjun on who really is “ichiban kawaii”. Eri and Erina (the similar names alone) could form a glorious ahoKY-senpai-kohai team and Riho could team up with Linlin, both of them knowing that they were each the best at their craft (Linlin singing and Riho dancing). Unfortunately things don’t always turn out the way they should or the way we want.

Buying this DVD also gives me access to the best quality possible when it comes to ripping these PV’s to my hard drive using Handbrake, unless they bring out a Blu-ray edition. I know I said that PV’s are freely available everywhere these days, but they can often be poorly encoded, the aspect ratio can be off or the audio might be out of sync.

I’m glad I bought this, I really am. It’s just sad that we don’t live in a perfect world.

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