Koda Kumi & misono

This is just a small post, but it was to big to just tweet about so I’m posting it here. Expect random ramblings like this presented in a compact format in the future.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about It’s All Love!, Koda Kumi’s and misono’s collaboration song I bought of iTunes the other day. It’s an interesting song. Released in 2009, on the one hand you have Koda Kumi, Morning Musume audition dropout (all roads lead to H!P) and solo superstar and on the other hand you have misono, her younger and less successful sister. Put them together and you have a hit? I think so!

Although I’d heard of Koda Kumi, I had no idea who misono was until I saw her on an episode of London Hearts where she was a nice foil to Michishige Sayumi (again: all roads lead to H!P). And to be honest I think she should stay a tarento (or talent) and not make music. Her solo song on this single is quite unlistenable. She can’t really sing, she’s more of a screamer and shouter. While I usually don’t care it if j-idols/singers can sing or not (case in point: Sayumi) it does bother me when they think they can sing. A base level of singing is usually required but if the person has a great personality or a nicely defined character (again: Sayumi) I’m quite willing to forgive a little subpar singing.

Then again I’m not all that that familiar with misono’s work, so I could be wrong on this. I’m also basing this on the 30 second preview I got off iTunes so there’s that as well.

It’s All Love! is still a pretty good song. The single reached #1 on Oricon charts and sold almost 100000 copies. Get it if you like it.


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