GETS!!! (19): A workshop of awesome

It’s a happy coincidence that with Berryz工房 appearing at Sakura-Con in Seattle (U.S.) that this GETS!!! post is all about them. I hadn’t really planned it, it just turned out this way.

You may remember that I reviewed Berryz工房’s 7th album a while ago and after finding it much to my liking I decided to buy their 5th and 6th one as well. FYI their 6th one is also available on iTunes.

First up we have 5 (FIVE).

I don’t now if there is a curse around the number five but for whatever reason every fifth album out of a H!P group seems to be mediocre at best. And while 5 (FIVE) is not as bad as Morning Musume’s No.5 or the boring Shocking 5 by C-ute, it still is a bit hit and miss. Don’t get me wrong, there are great songs on there like Dschinghis Khan (ジンギスカン; Genghis Khan) and Baka ni Shinaide (バカにしないで; Don’t Make Me a Fool) as well as a decent remix of Special Generation but there is also a fair share of bland songs.

And can we talk about the cover? It’s as if a fluorescent rainbow exploded all over them. Still, it could be worse (see below). I’d still recommend this although it’s more a “try it” than a “buy it”.

Luckily Berryz工房’s 6th album 6th Otakebi Album remedies much of the problems of 5 (FIVE).

This album is top notch. Released in close proximity with 10 MY Me, Berryz工房 should be proud that they can deliver as good an effort as their senpais. I like all but two songs on this album. Again you have your classics like Ryuusei Boy, Seishun Bus Guide and Dakishimete Dakishimete but also great album tracks like Ai ni wa Ai Desho and Grand Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi.

The only real problem is that there is bit of a lack of original material. The album mostly consist of the Inazuma tie-ins they released before, although that’s to be expected what with them pumping out three double A-sides.

I said this album fixes most of the problems of 5 (FIVE). All except one it seems as the fluorescent rainbow explosion has returned and in the form of crappy frilly dresses. It’s too bad because Berryz工房 have proven they can have great covers like 7 Berryz Times or any of their recent singles.

I also had the good fortune to recieve a First Press Edition with a photocard. I wasn’t expecting this since the First Press copies of this album have long since sold out, but occasionally one or two slips through the cracks and you end up getting lucky. This is the second time where I’ve unexpectedly turned up a First Press edition instead of a plain vanilla version. Lucky me!

Anyway that’s it. Future GETS!! posts will focus yet again on the past with happy shuffles, sub 150cm idols and a winner that didn’t actually win. Stay tuned!