GETS!!! (22): The Best Of The Best

You know that day that comes only once a year, when social convention forces people to lavish you with gifts and kindness just because you managed to crawl yourself out of your mother’s womb so many years ago? A “birthday” I believe they call it. Well, while I try to keep mine as low profile as I can, some people insist on giving me stuff (for which I am quite grateful).

Stuff like this.

Yes, that really is the Hello! Project 2007 Winter Live DVD Box Set. It includes three concerts. Two of them are the usual Wonderful Hearts/Elder Club concerts at Nakano Sun Plaza, but the third one is Hello! Project 2007 Winter ~Shuuketsu! 10th Anniversary~, the massive 10 year anniversary extravanganza at the massive Yokohama Arena. In a previous blogpost I mentioned that, when it comes to Morning Musume ~Single Daizenshuu!!~ is the one to get. Well if you want the same deal but for all of H!P then this the one to get. It is the best of the best. A massive conflagaration of energy, joy and sheer badassery. This box also includes a fourth DVD full of brilliant backstage footage

I’m not going to discuss the performances, suffice to say they are awesome (go check the setlists on generasia) but I will mention the little gems of greatness in this. I’m glad I finally own a H!P concert DVD with Goto Maki and Tsuji Nozomi in it. Remember this is 2007, Gocchin hadn’t made the switch to avex trax yet and Tsuji hadn’t yet become a full-time mom. 2007 also means a 7nin C-ute who at the time just had their major debut. v-u-den were also still around, prancing about in their bunny suits. This was also the graduation concert for Country Musume members Kimura Asami and Saito Miuna. A short but very well executed ceremony with a lovely cameo appearance from Konno Asami.

It’s also great to see Linlin, Mano Erina and S/mileage in their Egg days, before they debuted. The S/mileage girls in particular were so young and small, it’s amazing to think of what they’ve achieved. Of course THE Possible also made an appearance here, kicking off Tsunku’s NICE GIRL Project. Special props go to Nakazawa Yuko and Maeda Yuki who introduced me to enka. Mitsui Aika also made her first appearance here and while I may not really like how her voice has changed over time, back then she was a newbie idol brimming with energy. Not to mention the fact that Egao Yes Nude was a great introduction song for her.

The backstage footage is truly a joy to watch even if I don’t understand 80% of what they are saying. Let me say again, if there is a single H!P DVD (apart from ~Single Daizenshuu!!~ and maybe the 2008 boxset) you should own it’s this one.

H!P Saikou!!!


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