GETS!!! (23): B’z and Hello!Project Winter 2011

Yay, another GETS!!! post and it’s not even completely about Hello!Project.

Well, I say that yet the one non-H!P item in this post I never would have been aware of without hearing it as background music on an episode of Haromoni@. What can I say: all roads lead to H!P. I am of course referring to Ultra Soul by B’z.

B’z to me are the Japanese equivalent of U2. Everything they release sells hundreds of thousands, if not millions of copies yet most of their discography leaves me cold. Luckily this isn’t the case for Ultra Soul, a track which I’ve played on repeat far too many times.

Next up we have Hello! Project 2011 Winter ~Kangei Shinsen Matsuri~ (A gana and B kkuri)

I really love how they handled the DVD and Blu-ray releases for the 2011 H!P Winter concerts. I got the feeling a lot of people were miffed when the Fankora DVD was released and it contained so few songs of the various setlists (chosen by fans voting on their favorites). Yes, the Blu-ray had a bunch of extra performances and yes, the space on a DVD is limited but it just felt like they could have handled this better. Luckily for Kangei Shinsen Matsuri they did. You have a nice selection of group songs on the A DVD and another nice selection of solo songs on the B DVD. And if you really want everything you can still buy the 10000 yen Blu-ray. It’s a great way to go about it, catering to the needs of lots of fans, poor and rich alike. The performances as a whole are very good. I was particularly surprised by (the now 3-member) Shin Minimoni’s rendition of Gatamekira originally by Taiyou to Ciscomoon. I’m Lucky Girl by Morning Musume and Gaki’s solo of Boogie Train ’03 are also pure win. These were also the concerts that introduced Morning Musume’s 9th gen members and we also get a surprise appearance by Nakazawa Yuko as well as a funny part with Yoshizawa Hitomi in the credits. I could go on but if you love H!P, you should pretty much enjoy everything on this DVD.

In fact, I can safely say that everything in this post is a recommended buy. So go forth and empty your wallets, loyal idol fans.



  1. MTSayuRin

    I only bought B-kkuri, so I’m looking forward to watching A-gana as well. I really liked I’m Lucky Girl, but somehow Boogie Train ’03 was a slight disappointment for me (I had my expectations for that one quite high as it sounded an epic combination). But yes, definitely a recommended buy!

    I didn’t notice your blog before, even though you had commented on mine. But I like it so I’ll be reading it from now on. 🙂 By the way, I have changed my blog address to match my username, it is now.

    • TommyVD

      Thanks for the comment.

      I mainly liked Gaki’s rendition of Boogie Train ’03 because she seemed to be enjoying herself so much and both the audience and the other girls on stage seemed to be really into it. It’s not Mikitty but I think she pulled it off just fine.

      As for A-gana, I forgot to mention the epicness of High-King in suits. That was just awesome.

      Thanks again for the comment, glad to know someone reads this stuff. 🙂

      • MTSayuRin

        The impression I got from Gaki’s performance was that she seemed tired. But after watching the performance again, I realised it’s mostly just her outfit. I would have chosen a more colourful outfit for this song. And a different kind of hairdo maybe. But she did sing it nicely. I really like her vocals and it’s a great song.

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