GETS!!! (24): All Nacchi, all the time

I was browsing through my iTunes library recently (something I am wont to do when I find a lull in my daily activities) and decided that it was in sore lack of some songs from Abe Natsumi. I promptly went to CDJapan and bought four of her singles.

Funny thing about Nacchi: I initially didn’t really like her. Now hold on, let me explain before all the fanboys go nuts. Saying I didn’t like her is perhaps putting it a bit too strong. It’s more like I had no idea who she was or what she was supposed to be doing. You see, I became a H!P fan with the 9nin Morning Musume after Junjun and Linlin joined. I had absolutely no idea how the audition/graduation system worked (and often fail to see any logic in it even today). I remember watching one of the mock trial episodes of Hello!Morning and wondering just who this girl was (not to mention other former Morning Musume members). Of course, when faced with ignorance and confusion I did what every rational human being should do: I educated myself. Suffice to say that today I’m a huge Abe Natsumi fan and really enjoy her solo work.

Anyway, on to the singles.

First up we have Screen.

This was her first solo single I ever heard. I became aware of it after seeing it in one of the promo-bits at the end of Yorosen! I particularly enjoy her live performance of this song in the Hello! Project 2009 Winter Elder Club Concert.

Next up we have The Stress.

If anyone knows why they chose this cover: please enlighten me

This single is a bit peculiar. First of all, it’s not an original single but a cover of Moritaka Chisato‘s seventh single The Stress (Chukinto Version). It also does not follow the traditional H!P single structure of main song, coupling and instrumental. Instead it features a bunch of remixes as well as a short a cappella version where Nacchi actually beatboxes. Yes, you read it right, she beatboxes. The cover is also a bit atypical as it’s just a photograph of the Japanese National Diet Building. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.

Next we have Amasugita Kajitsu.

I discovered this song while watching the Hello!Project 2007 Winter boxset. I sort of reminds me of of Heike Michiyo’s 11th single Murasaki Shikibu, but instead of Mediterranean it seems to have a bit more of a Middle-Eastern influence. I also believe it would make a killer Eurovision tune. The coupling song Yannacchau is also very decent.

Lastly we have Koi no Hana.

What some would call the quintessential Abe Natsumi song, Koi no Hana always manages to put a smile on my face. It should also be familiar to more recent H!P fans as many H!P artists have covered it as part of the Hello!Cover project.

One interesting thing that happens when you buy somewhat older H!P songs is that you still get the included concert schedules. Although useless now, I keep them anyway as it reminds me that virtually every H!P artist out there has a massive amount of live performances under their belt.

Typing this out I realise I probably should have bought Koi no Telephone GOAL as well. Oh well, we’ll save that for a future GETS!!! post. Until next time, which might be a bit later due to me having college exams.



  1. MTSayuRin

    I have always quite liked Nacchi. She has lots of pretty songs but my favourite from her is Screen. The sound of it is just so beautiful, both instrumental and the vocals. I also really liked Nacchi’s duet with Maimi, and that’s the only Nacchi single I own, even if it’s not a solo one. As for the Stress cover, maybe it’s just a building where people work under a lot of stress, I think there isn’t necessarily a deeper meaning behind it. 🙂

    • TommyVD

      Ah that must be it, guess I was ignoring the simplest option. I can live with that reason.:) Thanks for pointing that out.

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